Onson Cordless Robotic Powerful Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Onson Cordless Robotic Powerful Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner


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Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner 360 Degree Powerful Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner with Automatic Route Planning for Flat Swimming Pools Floors

About this item

  • Automatic Pool Vacuum: Foolproof operation, no need for manual supervision, lightweight body, low voltage, low energy consumption, wireless operation.
  • Water Resource Exploration Function: After startup, when the automatic robotic pool cleaner does not detect water in the pool, the power indicator light flashes and the buzzer sounds. It needs to be placed in the swimming pool within 1 minute (otherwise it will self close). When the automatic robotic pool cleaner detects water in the pool, the buzzer stops sounding, and the work indicator light and battery indicator light flash simultaneously or alternately.
  • Charging Reminder Function: When charging, the red light flashes. When the battery is discharged, the green indicator light remains on and the buzzer will sound for 1 minute.
  • Battery Indication Function: When the battery is full, the green indicator light flashes, and when the battery is low, the red indicator light flashes. After the sled with low battery power stops, the power red light flashes for 1 hour after automatic shutdown.
  • Power Switch Function: Press and hold the bottom of the automatic pool vacuum cleaner host (power switch) for 23 seconds, and the indicator light, motor, buzzer, and other hardware will self check, indicating that the cleaner is in normal working state. Press and hold the power switch for 23 seconds in the power on state to turn off the cleaner.



Item Type: Cordless Pool Cleaner
Main Material: ABS
Weight: Approx. 4800g / 10.6lb
Rated Power: 30W
Rated Voltage: DC 11.1V
Control Mode: Automatic
Cruise Capability: Over 110 Minutes
Rated Input Voltage Of The Charger: 100-240V AC
Rated Input Frequency Of Charger: 50Hz, 60Hz
Rated Output Voltage Of The Charger: 12.6V DC
Rated Output Current Of Charger: 1.8A
Battery Capacity: 5000mAh, Lithium Ion Battery (Shipped With Built In Battery)
Charging Time: 2-3 Hours
Maximum Area: 914 Square Feet (85 Square Meters)
Filtration Capacity: 3.5m³/h
Filter Density: 200um
Sports Speed: 6-18 Meters/Minute
Waterproof Grade: IPX8
Swimming Pool Water Temperature: 50? ~ 95? (10? ~ 3 5?)
Deepest Water Depth: Approx. 2.5m / 8.2ft
Product Size: 366x309x171mm / 14.4×12.2×6.7in
Storage Temperature: -4? ~ 113? (-20? ~ 45?)
Relative Humidity: ? 75%
Purpose: Suitable For Flat Swimming Pools Or Floors, Suitable For Swimming Pools Below 914 SP/FT (85?)
Intelligent Automatic Parking:
When the machine needs maintenance, the robot will automatically lean against the wall. Intelligent automatic parking is divided into automatic parking and underpowered automatic parking.
(1) self service parking
When the filter system of the machine is too dirty and needs to be cleaned, the machine automatically approaches the wall, the red light of INSPECT will flash, and the green light of WORK will go out. The cycle against the wall depends on the actual cleanliness of the water.

How to Use:
Bottom one button power switch activated?

Package List:
1 x Swimming Pool Robot
1 x Adapter

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