Gas Tank Level Indicator Magnetic

Gas Tank Level Indicator Magnetic


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•Material: PET Plastic+ Liquid Crystal + Soft Magnetic
• Color: Black
• Size: 10*6.2cm*0.1cm/3.94″*2.44″*0.04″
• Features:
 This product can safely and accurately measure the gas capacity, according to the gas temperature test, measuring the temperature range of -10 C~ 120 C.
 Will actually show you when you are low on gas, before you run out!
 Works on LPG (propane) & butane cylinders
 1.Place your Gas Level Indicator on a clean area on the lower half of the cylinder.
 2.Turn on the gas and wait 10 minutes before you can read your Indicator.

Working principle: 

the temperature of the upper gas is high, and the temperature of the lower gas is low. Depending on the color segmentation of the product, the position of the boundary line is where the gas is located.

When testing the product, test it with the gas bottle open and test it while using it.
Because this product is used to test whether the gas is used up or not, the product is attached to the bottom of the bottle and can only be measured when the gas is running out.
If the gas is above the test card, the test result is wrong, the buyer can put a few sheets of the product on the gas bottle
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