Tongou DIN ​Rail WIFI Power Meter 63A


Tongou DIN ​Rail WIFI Power Meter 63A


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Sonoff Tongou 63A

Key Features of Tongou 63A WiFi Power Meter:

Remote control at anytime from anywhere by ewelink app on mobile ,no distance limit.
Schedule /Timing, countdown, cycle timing
Voice control by Amazon Alexa echo dot and Google assistant

Working voltage:AC90-280V,50/60Hz
Current type:63A
Wireless type:Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Support system:Android\iOS

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Tongou Power Meter 63A: Monitor and Optimize Your High-Voltage Energy Usage

The Tongou Power Meter 63A is a high-voltage device that puts you in control of your electricity usage. With its advanced features and real-time energy monitoring capabilities, this smart meter enables you to optimize your energy consumption and manage your smart home efficiently.

Keep track of your electricity usage with the Tongou Power Meter 63A, a reliable solution for accurate power measurement and management. Whether you’re concerned about energy efficiency, cost savings, or sustainability, this power meter is designed to meet your needs.

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